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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Hi! We are Kirstie and Les and we are the company to three Australian Cattle Dogs, Jackson, Memphis and Mersey. We live on the east coast of Canada, in a province called Nova Scotia. 

With three active pups and so much to see and do in our home province we began to document our adventures on Instagram. This evolved from phone snap shots of the dogs to learning how to use a camera and edit photos. As we explored more and more we decided to start a YouTube channel as well. 

We understand how important dogs are. They are a part of the family! We want to show you that there is a whole world of opportunity to adventure and travel with your dog, it just might take a bit more planning. We love to provide tips, tricks and recommendations so that you can enjoy any adventure with your best friend by your side. 

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